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Some more photos we’ve never posted before. Starting with more photos of the ‘Image’ Coffins we made last year.


‘Image’ EP - The 2nd physical release

Heinz Junkins: “I made the ULTIMATE FORMAT. My response to the questions that were and still are being thrown up about whether you should buy physical music or digital music..or something like that? These went on sale on Record Store Day at Rise Record shop. I made 3. Sold 1. Ha! HOT/FORMAT.”


We have NO image. Buy into it.

OLO Worms ‘Image’ EP

(EP front cover above)

1. Snake - Video

2. Badge - Video

3. Neutral Zones - Video

4. Odoodem - Video

5. Crumbola

(Released 16.4.12)

The ‘Image’ EP is made up of songs from the 2011 ‘Poloroid’ series with added ‘Crumbola’. These songs are now available to download for the first time. The EP can be bought and listened to in a number of ways..

- Image Coffin > Limited edition Image Coffin. Coffin contains a USB stick (with the EP on it), coated in melted vinyl, engraved with our chip & pin numbers, and with a ID card insert. See photos below. This can be bought on Bandcamp.

- Image Cube  > Extremely limited edition Image Cube. Cube info & photos to come later in the week. It will be released on Record Store Day on Saturday 21st April only at Rise Record Shop, Bristol.

- Image download > Download the EP via Bandcamp

- Image stream > Stream the EP over on Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

EP back cover and inner image..

OLO Image Coffin..

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